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Maximum campaign contribution amount that can be received for any election cycle (in the aggregate) are as follows: $2,800 for the Primary election; $1,500 for the Primary run-off election; $2,800 for the General election; $1,500 for the General run-off election.

Below are some helpful links to help you navigate taxes in GA.

“Being Tax Commissioner is less about taxes and more about helping people”- Darla

• Hall County, GA Tax Commissioner office (motor vehicle, tags and property tax)
Click Here
• GA DRIVES (motor vehicle renewals and related services such as: address changes, pre apply for title/registration, GO GREEN, pay insurance fines, look up prestige plates/specialty plates Click Here
• Georgia DNR Wildlife plates Click Here
• Georgia Department of Revenue (income tax, business registration, unclaimed property) Click Here
• Georgia Secretary of State (voter registration, annual corporate filings, professional licenses) Click Here
• Hall County, GA Government Click Here
• Hall County, GA Tax Assessors Office Click Here
• Hall County, GA Finance Dept (budgets and citizens report) Click Here
• Association of County Commissioners of Georgia (consensus organization serving all GA counties) Click Here
• Greater Hall Chamber of Commerce (resource and voice for business and individuals) Click Here
• Probate Records (marriages, weapons carry, traffic, deaths, wills) Click Here
• Hall County Office of the Sheriff (public information and reports) Click Here