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Maximum campaign contribution amount that can be received for any election cycle (in the aggregate) are as follows: $2,800 for the Primary election; $1,500 for the Primary run-off election; $2,800 for the General election; $1,500 for the General run-off election.

“Being Tax Commissioner is less about taxes and more about helping people” - Darla

We have accomplished a lot at the Hall County Tax/Tag Office during my tenure, but much more work lies ahead if I earn the opportunity to serve a third consecutive term.

In general, I will continue to treat our residents, fellow employees and departments, municipalities and Board of Commissioners with respect and assistance in a timely manner. Our team goal is to follow a process of continuous improvement in our operations to provide the best service under the most cost-efficient and accountable standards.


Financial Accountability – Maximize revenues with the best possible return on investment. Regularly review expenses to ensure funds are spent wisely and waste is minimized. Provide accurate information to county officials to ensure timely decisions with the highest level of confidence.

Website – To support residents from their home or office, we will continue to update our website to provide more information, convenience and ease of use as well as an efficient and accurate payment process. Our website is a great way to provide value- added service to our residents, taxpayers and third parties looking for Hall County property tax and motor vehicle information. Many tools have been added to empower the user with more search- and action-driven initiatives, saving time and reducing need to visit our office in person.

We want our website to be bookmarked as a “Favorite” by users to keep them coming back for more information or to make payments with ease – establishing greater credibility for the Tax Commissioner’s Office.

Online Payments – Efforts will always be made toward making the existing online payments system even easier and more efficient. Making the online payment processing system as simple as possible is essential for increasing collections and providing immediate confirmation to the user of their payment.

PayPal and PayPal Credit – PayPal is a trusted and widely used electronic payment system. We recently added PayPal as a payment option as well as PayPal Credit, which pays your tax bill in full with no interest for 6 months.

Motor Vehicle Decal Self Service Kiosk – Securing a self-service kiosk in southern Hall County for renewing motor vehicle decals is a high priority. We are currently reviewing the availability and viability of a kiosk to serve the growing population in South Hall.

On the north side, we already have a kiosk at Kroger Marketplace on the Limestone Parkway for ease in accessibility to residents in Gainesville as well as the north and south portions of Hall County accessed by Interstate 985. The kiosk is available when Kroger is open from 6am-1am.

Georgia DRIVES – 2019 was a new year of technology for motor vehicle renewals, tag and titling in Georgia – Georgia DRIVES is a powerful website that gives our residents and taxpayers more information, technology and services at their fingertips.

More education will be provided to our residents to empower them to take advantage of the many offerings on this site such as online renewals, replacing or cancelling your registrations. Advantages include “Going Green,” the TAVT estimator, Pre-Application for Titling, change of address, paying insurance fines, and searching for prestige or specialty tag offerings. Many of these services once were only available at your local tag/tax office, but are now available from the comfort of your home or office.

Scanning and Paperless Initiative – Time and money will be saved by scanning motor vehicle documents for direct transfer to the state via email as opposed to regular mail. On the property tax side, we also plan to implement electronic FIFAs in full. We are in the beginning stages of this program and hope to incorporate all filings, including cancellations of FIFAs.

Tax Sale Efficiencies – Taking a property to tax sale is always a last resort. However, all tax commissioners are held accountable to collect property tax due. To streamline the tax sale process, we plan to implement a tax sale list that is automatically updated with real-time payments and status. An online bidder pre-registration form that is submitted to our office electronically would speed up the registration process and ensure quality of the information.

Texting Program – In Fall of 2019, we started a texting program to offer another form of communication for our residents, taxpayers and patrons. As cell phones grow more powerful and instant information becomes the norm, we plan to enhance our texting program to continue to meet growing public demand.

Lobby Queuing System – For better lobby management and customer assistance during our busiest times such as property tax season, a lobby queuing system (much like the one at DDS) would allow better routing and monitoring of transactions to ensure efficiency and quality service.

Lobby Web Camera – Many tax offices across the state have a web cam in their lobby viewable from a website. The web cam allows a resident to view lobby traffic from their phone or computer to determine best times to visit and minimize wait times.

Education – Educating our customers is a high priority. Whether it is information about office hours or changes in property/motor vehicle tax laws, our office strives to keep taxpayers up to date. We are always exploring better ways to disseminate information such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, lobby TVs, radio station spots/ads, newspaper ads/articles, press releases and our new texting program.

Legislation – Darla Eden serves on the legislative committee for the Georgia Tax Officials Association, working closely with state legislators to help revise or propose new legislation to better serve taxpayers.

Community Service and Outreach – We believe in giving back to our region by encouraging staff to volunteer for community service and helping others in need. This also helps keep us better connected to the region and our local taxpayers.